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 Calming the Storm of Divorce

Each year millions of children experience the divorce or abandonment of their parents and often leaving them hurt, confused and emotionally vulnerable without a strong protective attachment with a caring adult. These emotional issues often lead them to connect to gangs for that needed connection. They frequently suffer from depression, engage in juvenile delinquency, alcohol, drug abuse, and sometimes even commit suicide from the stress. Our society is at risk now because of many parents’ inability to handle their divorce well. These ignored, unresolved feelings are passed on down to the next generation and create future stress. We must wake up and protect these children for the sake of the next generation who will govern this country.

The mission of Making the World a Better Place Foundation is to assist parents and their children in overcoming the negative impact of the traumatic life experience of their parents’ divorce. Each year, more than a million children experience the divorce or abandonment of their parents and many must deal with the emotional fallout alone. Often parents do not handle this time well as they have no understanding of how their children really feel and how to protect them from this major traumatic event in their lives or how to ease their pain. Much of the time they are too stressed themselves to notice. I know because I have lived this trauma myself, many years ago. My parents did the best they knew how but had no clue about how I felt.

How can we change the way that children are being effected by the divorce of their parents? One way is to educate parents in a way that will alleviate some of these negative outcomes for themselves and their children. Our foundation is producing an innovative film with Larry King as host that will help this group of children and their parents. The film will offer a new approach to an old problem. This film combines ancient Hawaiian traditions with the latest findings in brain research and offers proven ways that will help both children and their parents.

This important documentary will be filmed by award winning filmmakers Bob Stone and Karen Davidson. Dr. George Pratt, an acclaimed clinical psychologist from La Jolla, California, and a group of nationally known experts in the film of brain research and psychology will be featured along with the appearance of an Hawaiian Kahuna who also offers his wisdom. It will inspire millions of parents to make a change in their behavior. Only then will society change. This film is 90% complete but we must raise the rest of the funding to complete it this fall. Be part of this positive change in our society. You can make a difference for the next generation. You help is needed and any tax deductable contribution you can make would be helpful. Please consider helping us complete this important project that will help our children and their children’s children. Even $10.00 will help!Thank you in advance for your help.


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