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Hi, I’m Mimi Lupin,
I’m the producer behind The Place of Refuge: Calming the Storm of Divorce, a documentary being filmed at the actual place of refuge, in Kona, Hawaii close to where the dolphins play. Through our Making the World a Better Place Foundation we created this most special documentary because children in the shadows of divorce are struggling and desperately need our help … our support … our compassion … and our attention!

Over fifty percent of children in the classroom have divorcing parents. Their hearts are hurting. Their psyches are wounded. And long-term emotional scars are too often the consequences.

Children caught up in their parents’ conflicts during and after divorce can experience any of the following signs:

  • Loss of concentration and attention
  • Declining grades and behavior problems
  • Withdrawal from family and friends
  • Anxiety, guilt, fear, confusion and emotional outbursts
  • Headaches, nervous tics and numerous health problems
  • Serious anger with one or both parents
  • Delinquency and substance abuse


Larry King is our on-screen host and narrator and is seen on the trailer of “The Place of Refuge: Calming the Storm of Divorce.”


This ambitious documentary project, filmed by Bob Stone, a Maui filmmaker and member of an Emmy award winning team is produced by Mimi Lupin, M.A. L.P.C.,L.S.S.P. This documentary is designed to help parents understand divorce from their child’s perspective. Guided by these insights, parents are directed toward making better decisions, healing mind, body and spirit after divorce and offering parents the kind of help that is needed to protect their children from the long term scars  most destructive to their children.

Divorce is epidemic in our society, significantly affecting both adults and children’s emotions, behavior and productivity. This creates challenges in both workplace and our schools.  Making the World A Better Place Foundation is a 501 C 3 organization dedicated to helping divorcing parents prevent the emotional scars of divorce for their children. In keeping with this mission we are seeking post production funds to complete and distribute an hour long documentary film about the adverse effects of divorce on children and the healing that is possible afterwards. Larry King is the host of The Place of Refuge: Calming the Storm of Divorce, narrated by Mimi Lupin, filmed by Robert Stone and scripted by Marshall Riggan, both of whom have either won or worked on Emmy Award winning films. The film is being produced by Mimi Lupin, M.A. L.P.C., L. S. S. P.

Most of this documentary was filmed in a sacred Hawaiian place where healing has taken place for centuries. Through the use of an ancient practice of forgiveness and healing, parents are shown new ways to navigate through the rough emotional waters of divorce. The film also includes the personal story of Mimi Lupin’s experience and difficulties as a child of divorce during the 1940s. Her experience  is woven into the story line in such a way that will make the film touch the hearts of millions of divorcing parents and will encourage them to discover the many healing opportunities for themselves and their children that is provided by national known experts in this field.

Several of these experts  in the areas of emotional healing include George Pratt, Ph.D., a nationally known psychologist from La Jolla, Ca.,  Lynn Johnson,PhD., Cross Country Seminars , Missy Bradley Ball, M.S., an expert in childhood trauma, Nancy Mramor, Ph.D., a Media Expert, Award Winning Author and Psychotherapist and others who  suggest leading-edge therapies using neuroscience findings to heal mind body and spirit for both children and parents.  Vincent Felitti, M.D., world renowned physician who pioneered the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) study presents his finding on the impact of early childhood trauma and Mimi Lupin provides helpful suggestions to parents to help avoid these traumatic experiences for children.

Donations from Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, the Mary Cabe Foundation, Entergy, Inc. and other organizations and individuals have supported the production of this film.  We have 90% of the film footage complete and estimate that $40,000 is still needed for post-production expenses to complete the film and prepare it for national broadcast on a major network and viewed by psychologists and social workers at national conventions.

We would appreciate any help that our potential sponsors might offer us in completion of this film.  A proposal  can be sent describing the levels of sponsorship and what sponsors will receive as a result.  Thank you for your consideration of help for this important endeavor.

With a tax deductible contribution of thirty dollars, you will receive a DVD of the film when it is completed.  Please consider helping us get this message out by your donation and thank you for joining us on this mission to protect innocent children when the trauma of divorce affects their family.


Mimi Lupin, L.P.C., L.S.S.P.,
President, Making the World a Better Place Foundation

P.S. How can parents protect their children from the wounds and storm of divorce? We’ve created a free gift package for you on How to Help Your Children Through the Storm of Divorce! This is a powerful Special Report about the challenges of divorce and parenting including a series of valuable tip sheets for parents. Just put your email address in the box to the right – and it’s yours!

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